So you have questions...

Questions like;

"Where to start and who to trust?"

"How do we know if we're getting our money's worth, what's our ROI?"

"How much of our budget should we devote to marketing our business?"

That's why we founded The Lead Farm. We "get" where you're coming from and we are passionate about empowering business owners to nurture and grow their personal brand and customer base through digital marketing with our strategic programs!

After an initial "get to know each other" call and if it feels like we may be a great fit for each other, then the next step will be for us to set up more in depth follow up call and do a marketing audit with you.

Then, we have a more in-depth that helps us get a thorough understanding of your business and your customers by conducting an in-depth interview with you - the business owner, to better understand your businesses target market, goals and sales objectives. We then conduct research audits to build a solid foundation of information. In our final step, we develop a strategic plan to move forward in a targeted lead building strategy.

With the plan in motion, we work diligently to ensure a successful launch of the ad campaigns and branding strategies. We then utilize our analytics data to continually optimize the performance of your campaigns.

The Lad Farm will grow your digital presence which will help you increase your sales by efficiently and effectively communicating with your potential customers. This is done by improving your existing brand visibility and through the strategic selection and implementation of advertising campaigns to support these branding initiatives.

If you'd like to hop on a call to see if we can help you with your marketing strategy, please click on this link and grab a time on my calendar that works for you, and lets have a quick chat.

NEW Customer Lead Generation is basically that, we use our extensive digital marketing skills to source for you new leads that you then convert into customers. Leads can be created for multiple purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads and of course building your brand. There are multiple avenues to achieve this and once we've conducted the digital audit of your business, we'll know which format will be the most advantageous for us to utilize.

"The FIRST STEP: MARKETING AUDIT - It all starts with an easy phone call.

When we say "let's chat", we mean just that. This a quick call to get to know each other and to hear about your business. NO pressure, NO hard selling, NO commitment. This is really just an exploratory call to see if we can help you.

Definition: A Marketing Audit is the comprehensive, systematic, analysis, and evaluation of a businesses marketing environment; its goals, objectives, and strategies to assess both weaknesses and opportunities for improvement with the current marketing strategy.

If we determine that we are a great fit for each other, then we'll start the process - the Marketing Audit, which will entail the following:

Why you need an Marketing Audit?

The goal of a marketing audit is to see what's working with your current marketing strategy and what isn't, so that you can identify areas for improvement. Based on these findings, you can then make a solid educated decision about where to designate marketing resources going forward.

If you don't conduct a marketing audit on a regular basis, you could in essence, be pouring your marketing dollars down the drain. That's why we start off every new client with a marketing audit to ensure that when we put together a marketing strategy for you, it's tailored to only what you need, without the extra fluff and costs.

  • • We will send you a link to our business discovery form to fill in so that we can begin your audit analysis. We are essentially looking for information on your particular business: niche, territory, brand reach and identity, social visibility and sales goals.
  • • Once the form is completed, we will do our analysis which will give us the foundation to start building your marketing strategy with a picture of your business. We will then do a follow up call to discuss a custom designed lead generation / marketing strategy for your company, that will be designed around your goals and budget. We will either work from one of our 5 packages or build a custom designed program for you.
  • • After deciding on a productive marketing strategy, we'll send you a working agreement, gather an agreed upon retainer and start building your lead generation campaigns. Once the campaign is launched, get ready to start turning your new leads into your customers, closing deals and generating more business!

It's just that simple, and we're here with you every step of the way.

We at the Lead Farm believe that the most crucial step to business success is to have a clearly defined and well thought out strategy. This clarity comes directly from understanding your target group:

  • demographics
  • psychographics
  • geographics
  • product attributes
  • and other factors

From this knowledge, we outline the goals and objectives for your lead generation campaign. 

All of the plans developed by the Lead Farm follow the SMART goals setting system. This system provides quantifiable measurement during the execution of the marketing plan.  We set objectives, write a plan based on the objectives, execute the plan and measure success based on in depth analytics and the return on investment.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time Actuated

Our proven 5 step process is designed to provide the highest potential return on investment through increased market visibility and lead generation. This is accomplished by:

  1. Research
  2. Marketing Strategy
  3. Branding & Creative Strategy
  4. Targeted Advertising Planning
  5. Strategic Plan Execution

The Lead Farm designs custom strategic plans for each client that will not only grow potential new customer leads, but will also increase your market presence and reputation. We succeed as you succeed!

Our Business Growth Packages

We have developed a varying set of pricing / feature packages that are designed to meet specific business goals and budgets. Now, these packages are not set in stone, we can also customize them to fit your particular goals, niche and budget.

  • Our Seedling package: is designed for businesses looking to increase their sales and brand awareness and have a less competitive market or niche and smaller budget.

  • Our Nurture package: is designed for businesses who are ready to scale their customer base and increase brand awareness significantly.

  • Our Growth package: our most popular package - is designed for medium to larger sized businesses that are ready to go big & really scale their company. The larger budget and features allow us to really generate some serious traction and get out in front of your competitors.

  • Our Harvester package: our most aggressive and complete package - is designed for any sized businesses businesses that wants it all! You want to scale and harvest significant increases in sales, brand awareness and market dominance. We use all our tools to not only increase leads, but also continually cultivate soft leads and repeat leads through brand building.


In order to ensure the process works, we commit to you and you commit to us - a 3 month term (at minimum) to allow the seeds we plant and nurture, sprout, grow and provide a recurring harvest of inbound leads.

Our level of inbound lead generation is not any of the overnight, over promised or miracle hail mary processes that you see floating around your in-box and on social media. Our process is proven, strategic and targeted to YOUR niche. There is significant educated work done behind the curtain to ensure the strategies we use scale your inbound leads. Everything is constantly evaluated, refined and adjusted as we see the results and reactions of our efforts.

Your dedicated account manager consults with you regularly on the results and presents you with detailed reporting of the leads generated, how they were sent to you and where they came from. Everything is transparent and trackable.


The Lead Farm employs a large set of tools that not only generate inbound sales leads but also helps to build your social presence, company brand building, online reputation management, local and organic web site search engine optimization and much much more. All of which gains you market presence, authority and new customers.

Have a look at our services page for details on all the tools at your disposal when you work with the Lead Farm.