Do you need to grow your talent acquisition pipeline quickly?

Or are you struggling to attract the "right" talent to your Job postings in a sea of competition?

We can help with that!

We utilize proven targeted lead generation campaigns to attract the right talent to you and we'll work with you to build a customized package that best suits your budget and hiring needs.

Here's how we help:

  • Targeted candidate lead generation via social media marketing: We'll work with your talent team to craft a compelling and unique ad campaign to attract potential employees.

  • Targeted email campaigns: Built to engage with the talent that you're looking for and only introduce you to those candidates who reply as interested in the role. Saving your team hours and hours of time so that they can focus on what they do best building relationships and closing candidates.

  • Need help structuring your talent acquisition program? We can help with that too. Suzanne, our Co-founder has spent over 10 years working with some of the top startups in Silicon Valley, including Hired Inc., Triplebyte, and PowerToFly helping them to build and scale their talent acquisition programs.

What's included with our services?

  • Targeted lead generation to help you grow your talent pipeline and build your employer brand awareness.

  • A dedicated client success manager to work with you through the entire process.

  • Month to month contract where you can "pause" your hiring campaign after filling all of your requirements until you need to hire again, then simply contact us and we'll get started working on new roles for you to build out your talent pipeline.

  • A high level evaluation of your current talent acquisition program.

Who we work with:

  • We source in all verticals across North America, from the executive level right through to hourly workers and can put together a custom package that best suits your hiring needs and budget.

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Head of Client Success & Co-Founder - The Lead Farm
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