What is Internet Advertising – Digital Selling?

Internet advertising is taking traditional advertising concepts, adapting them to be broadcast in any of the many internet based mediums and most importantly - is to strategically place an ad in front of a highly targeted digital audience.

Utilizing the Google Adwords advertising channel for example, allows us to create a highly targeted Pay-Per-Click Campaign that places your ads in front of people searching for your particular product or service. Through this custom tailored PPC campaign, we can drive potential new clients/customers to your branded lead generation page and then connect them with your sales team to for them to close the sale. This process happens quickly and provides you new leads almost immediately.

This is only one example of the several possible advertising channels we may use to generate potential sales leads. Each channel has a very targeted audience and demographic. It is our job to use the correct channels to maximize your specific lead generation strategy.

The Lead Farm Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital marketing strategy is the road-map that we'll build for you that will help you achieve your goal(s) using online marketing. We will build and implement for you, a tailor-made marketing campaign. One that best suits your goals and budget.

Step1: Discovery Session

• We'll start off with a phone conversation to discuss where you're currently at, and where you'd like to be; essentially what we'll be doing in this step is goal setting.

Step 2: Digital Audit

• The next step during our call is to take a look at your current marketing strategy, and ways to improve it. We want to ensure that your current marketing strategy is giving you the best possible ROI and see if it's aligned with and supporting your goals.

Step 3: Development of a Marketing Strategy

• After we've had time to evaluate your needs, we'll put together a tailor-made marketing strategy that we feel will make the biggest impact on helping you to achieve your goals and to improve your ROI and of course one that work within your budget.

The Lead Farm uses several targeted internet advertising channels to maximize your online advertising traffic and increase overall visibility.  The internet is a targeted and extremely measurable advertising media. We develop an online advertising strategy and monitor the campaigns for delivery and effectiveness. We continually scrutinize the activity through analytics, efficiency analysis, conversion analysis and other digital feedback mechanisms which we share with you.

We have executed campaigns utilizing the following media:

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Instagram Advertising
  • YouTube Advertising
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Digital Geo-Targeting
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Remarketing
  • Opt-In E-Mail Marketing


We continually hone our skills and knowledge to stay on top of the ever changing digital selling environment.