5 Branding Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

1) "I have a logo - my job is done".
Your brand is more than just a logo.

A common misconception is that a logo and a brand are synonymous. Although your logo is the most important visual definer for your company, it is actually just the foundation of which your brand builds on.

A company needs to bring it's brand to full realization through ALL of it's marketing materials, internal corporate culture, mission statement and a clear definition of what sets your business apart. Your brand is an extension of your values, your voice and your connection to YOUR audience and customer experience. It is not your favourite color and a $5 logo and an overdone tag line: "World's greatest...". It is strategic, culturally aware and a message and most importantly - memorable and unique.

Today's consumer can smell out a fraud a mile away. They are looking for a connection to your message and values and have the luxury of finding 10 other competitors to research before they make a connection and the choice to buy.

Is SEO still important?"

1. On-Site Over Optimization

This used to just mean keyword stuffing, but that ended a long time ago. Now it's moved on to exact match anchor densities.

How to avoid this: Don't repeat your main keywords over and over. You want to have a bunch of keyword variations and rank for broad match terms.